Leisure Travelers

Wolff Services caters to those looking for that perfect hotel, vacation rental, or are starting their search for a permanent home in the Northwest.

We help all types of individuals by offering furnished apartments to travelers looking for short-term rentals (2 night minimum) or longer stays (60-90 days and beyond). While many of our guests stay with Wolff Services for leisure, we also can assist with relocation services.

Considering a hotel? Consider Wolff Services instead. We can provide you with a full apartment or home, which is often 3 times larger than a typical hotel room for a comparable price.

Our individual travelers use Wolff Services for many reasons. Will you be our next guest?

Our Personal Travelers include:

  • Vacations
  • In between homes
  • Wedding parties
  • Sports tournaments
  • Legal issues
  • Medical tourism
  • Visiting family for the holidays
  • More…

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