Personal Assistance

Navigating your way through unknown territories can be scary and tricky… especially if you’re in a new location that you’re not used to. That is why we offer Personal Assistant services to our clients and guests. Whether you’re looking to transition from a renter to a buyer or are an international traveler interested in learning more about your new home away from home, we are here to help you ease into this next phase in life.

Home Buying Personal Assistant

We may be known for helping our guests find just the right rental property, but we’ve spent years building trusted relationships with partners in and around Spokane, Boise, Tri-Cities, and Missoula to make assisting our guests a top priority. If you’ve decided it’s time to buy, we’re happy to help match you with a real estate agent.

Because it’s often a challenge to find an agent in a new town, Wolff Services is pleased to be able to connect you with one of our partners. We understand that buying a home is a very important process. Finding the individual agent that fits your needs or the needs of your employees is very important.

If you need to purchase a home or you’re interested in finding further information about the market please contact us. We are also happy to set up a Community Tour for you.

International Personal Assistant

Our International Personal Assistance Program picks up where our International Orientation Tour leaves off. Some individuals need more assistance than others. Often, an employee with a family will need additional assistance getting properly connected with services and schools. Since our tour is limited to two hours, it may be necessary to spend additional time with some clients in order to address all of their needs.

This is where we can become your International Personal Assistant. We will gladly provide the additional time and planning needed to give the appropriate amount of assistance.

Examples of additional assistance might include helping you establish English Language lessons, assisting in enrolling children in schools, selecting doctors, becoming familiar with public transportation, assistance at the Department of Motor Vehicles, the Social Security office or an introduction to a grocery store.

Whatever your international moving needs are, we’re here to help. Contact us to see how we can make your move to the Northwest as simple as possible.